Zillow Property Scraper

Zillow Property Scraper

Grab homes in a particular area

An automated application called the Zillow Property Scraper was created to use the Zillow platform to gather information about properties in a certain location. This automation makes it easier to obtain information about different kinds of property listings, whether you're an investor, real estate agent, or just interested in property data.

What Makes This Automation Useful?

Zillow is an extensive source of real estate information, but gathering property data by hand can take a lot of time. You may save time and effort by doing manual searches and data entry with the Zillow Property Scraper automation.

How to Utilize and Initiate:

  1. Install GoLess Extension: Before you begin, ensure you have the GoLess Extension installed in your browser.

  2. Download the Workflow: Begin by downloading the Zillow Property Scraper workflow.

  3. Initiate the Automation: Configure and click the "Run" button to start the automation.

  4. Specify Data Parameters: In the parameters of the workflow, specify the following:

    • Quantity of Homes: Determine the number of property listings you want to retrieve.
    • Listing Type: Select the type of property listings you're interested in, such as sold houses, rental houses, or houses for sale.
  5. Provide Search Queries and Links: In the last field, enter search queries and/or links, separated by a newline. This information should represent the specific area or properties you want to gather data on.

    • You can use links like this:
    • Or use search queries like this:
      Los Angeles, CA
  6. Execute the Scraper: Once you've specified the required parameters and input data, click "Run" to activate the scraper. The workflow will access the provided links or initiate searches based on the queries, collect data on the specified number of homes, and present the results.

Input Data and Result:

  1. Input:

    • Number of property listings to be retrieved.
    • Type of property listings (e.g., sold houses, rental houses, houses for sale).
    • Search queries and/or links representing the specific area or properties of interest.
  2. Output:

    • The automation will scrape and provide data on the specified number of homes in the designated area, including property details and characteristics, depending on the selected listing type. The collected data will be organized for your analysis and reference.

Questions and Answers:

  1. Can I use this tool to collect data on property listings in multiple areas simultaneously?

    • Yes, you can provide different search queries and links, each representing a distinct area or set of properties of interest, to gather data on multiple areas.
  2. Is it possible to customize the data fields or parameters collected for each property listing, such as price, square footage, or number of bedrooms?

    • This specific tool is designed to extract a standard set of property data based on the selected listing type (e.g., sold houses, rental houses, houses for sale). If you need specific customization, you may need to explore additional tools or methods for more advanced property data extraction.



Last update

25 March 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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