YouTube View Bot from search

YouTube View Bot from search

Auto program for YouTube views & profile warming.

In today's digital age, increasing the visibility of your YouTube channel is more crucial than ever. With numerous content creators vying for attention, a competitive edge can make all the difference.

Introducing the YouTube view bot - a Goless workflow designed to boost your video views and help your content appear in search results organically.

In this article, you will delve into the Goless workflow that allows you to enter a YouTube Video URL and gain views by generating a custom view bot video code.


The following are prerequisites to ensure a seamless experience as you navigate and utilize the workflow.

  1. Goless Extension:

    • What is it? The Goless extension is a browser add-on that facilitates integrating and using various Goless workflows, including the YouTube View Bot.
    • How to Get It? Download and install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Goless Free Account:

    • What is it? A Goless account gives you access to workflows, the marketplace, and the Dashboard for task management. You can use various functionalities with a free account, including the YouTube View Bot.
    • How to Set It Up? Go to the GoLess website, sign up for a free account, and log in.

What is GoLess?

GoLess is one of the best workflow automation tools enabling you to automate repetitive tasks without coding experience.

Beyond data scrapping and management, Godless workflows will help you with website testing. GoLess also offers automation workflows for social media interactions, including automated likes, comments, and messaging, saving considerable time and effort.

Why GoLess?

GoLess is a good choice due to its no-code approach, versatile functionality, and unique community marketplace. It allows users to effortlessly automate and customize workflows, catering to diverse needs from data collection to website testing and social media management.

The addition of a marketplace promotes the exchange of successful workflows, making GoLess a comprehensive and accessible tool for various users.

Understanding the Goless YouTube View Bot Workflow

Before diving into the specifics, it's essential to understand the Goless YouTube view bot and its capabilities.

The workflow customizes YouTube viewing based on your requests. It only views selected videos. The primary purpose is to boost your profile, gather views, and establish a digital identity with preferred promotions.

Furthermore, the workflow is optimized to align with YouTube recommendations, ensuring your Google account benefits from heightened activity.

Step-by-step Process to Set Up the Goless YouTube View Bot Workflow

  1. Access the Goless Workflow: Visit the Goless marketplace and search for the "YouTube View Bot” from the Search section. Image Click the ‘Install’ button to get the workflow.

  2. Launch the extension and navigate to your dashboard. Image

  3. Review the workflow: Click the workflow to view and modify the blocks. Image

  4. Initiate the Bot: Click the ‘Start’ button to trigger the workflow manually. Remember, this step doesn't require you to be authorized on YouTube. Running the workflow will trigger a popup. Image

  5. Set your preference: Choose the youtube video to view, and get its link. Input the link in the popup window. Run the workflow and wait for the workflow to do the rest. Image

  6. Monitor the Process: As the bot runs, it will organically view the video, contributing to your YouTube video views and potentially influencing the video's position in search results.

  7. Analyze the Results: After the bot has completed its task, analyze the increase in views, subscribers, and the overall growth of your YouTube channel. This feedback will help you fine-tune your future strategies.


Tools like the YouTube view bot can significantly enhance your channel's visibility, ensuring your content reaches its intended audience. With Goless, you have a solution that's effective and free. Following the steps outlined above, your video views increase, and your channel grows organically.

Remember, the goal is not just to inflate your view count but to strategically increase YouTube views, ensuring that more people organically watch the video and potentially subscribe to your content. So, if you're seeking a way to view bot YouTube efficiently, the Goless workflow is your answer. Avoid shortcuts and focus on strategies for sustainable growth for your YouTube channel.

*Note: Always adhere to YouTube's terms of service when using third-party tools.



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26 September 2023

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