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YouTube Comments Scraper

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One useful automation tool for streamlining the process of harvesting comments from YouTube videos is the YouTube Comments Scraper. Whether you're a researcher, content provider, or just interested in the conversations around particular films, this tool makes it simple to gather and examine comments so you can learn from user-generated material.

What Makes This Automation Useful?

Examining comments on YouTube videos can reveal important information on user interaction, attitude, and input. The YouTube Comments Scraper automates the process, saving you time and effort while enhancing your ability to understand and engage with your audience.

How to Use and Get Started:

  1. Install "GoLess" extension.
  2. Begin by creating a new spreadsheet using the "Create new spreadsheet" button within the parameters window.
  3. Go to the newly created spreadsheet.
  4. On the first sheet of the spreadsheet, input the links to the YouTube videos from which you want to scrape comments.
  5. After adding the video links, specify the number of comments you want to extract.
  6. Run the workflow.

The workflow will open each video link, scroll through the comments section, and scrape the comments.

Input Data and Results:

  1. Input:

    • Links to the YouTube videos from which you want to extract comments.
    • Number of comments to scrape for each video.
  2. Output:

    • The automation will provide an array of comments, and each comment includes the following fields:
      • Link to the YouTube video associated with the comment.
      • Link to the user's profile.
      • User's username.
      • Comment text body.
      • Number of likes the comment has received.

Questions and Answers:

  1. Can I use this tool to scrape comments from multiple YouTube videos at once?

    • Yes, the YouTube Comments Scraper is designed to extract comments from multiple videos in a batch, allowing you to gather insights from a variety of sources efficiently.
  2. Is it possible to use this tool to scrape comments from specific sections of a video, such as the most recent comments or top-rated comments?

    • This specific tool is designed to scrape comments from all sections of the video, starting from the most recent and scrolling through the entire comments section. For specific extraction needs, you may require custom scripting or additional tools.



Last update

09 June 2024

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Elliot Smith

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