Yahoo Search Scraper

Yahoo Search Scraper

Scrape sites from Yahoo search

This workflow is tailored to extract crucial information from Yahoo Search, enabling users to collect website URLs and their corresponding titles directly from Yahoo's search results.

How to use Yahoo Search Scraper:

  1. Download the workflow and initiate by clicking "run" from the scraper page.
  2. Input your desired search query into the "Keyword" field.
  3. Specify the number of pages you intend to scrape.
  4. Execute the workflow to begin the scraping process.

Input data:

  • Search keywords or phrases

Export Data:

  • Extracted website URLs and their respective titles

Questions and Answers:

How many results can the workflow retrieve per search?

  1. By default, the workflow extracts results from a single page, which may contain up to 100 listings. If configured differently, it can scrape multiple pages, potentially gathering thousands of results based on the specified parameters.

  2. Are there any limitations or terms of service to consider when using the Yahoo Search Scraper?

    • It's advisable to review and comply with Yahoo's terms of service and usage policies when using the scraper. Adhering to these guidelines ensures ethical usage and adherence to legal and ethical standards while accessing or retrieving data from Yahoo Search.



Last update

12 June 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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