Weather Scraper

Weather Scraper

Grab weather in a certain location

Real-time weather forecasts may be accessed quickly and easily thanks to the Weather Scraper automation, which does away with the need for human data retrieval.

Why Use This Automation?

Obtaining weather information for a specific location typically involves searching online and manually entering details. The Weather Scraper automation eliminates the need for manual data retrieval, making it easy and efficient to access real-time weather forecasts.

How to Utilize and Initiate:

  1. Install GoLess Extension: Before you begin, ensure you have the GoLess Extension installed in your browser.

  2. Download the Workflow: Start by downloading the Weather Scraper workflow.

  3. Initiate the Automation: Click the "Run" button to start the automation.

  4. Specify Timeframe and Location: A window will appear with two inputs:

    • Timeframe: Select a specific point in time for which you want to retrieve the weather forecast.
    • Location: Enter the location for which you want to obtain the weather information. You can input a city, a city and country, or even a zip code as the location.
  5. Execute the Scraper: Once you've filled in the necessary fields, run the workflow. It will open, input the location into the search bar, scrape all available weather data, and redirect you to a Google Spreadsheet with the results.

Input Data and Result:

  1. Input:

    • Selected timeframe for weather data retrieval.
    • Specific location for which you want to obtain the weather forecast.
  2. Output:

    • The automation will scrape and provide you with comprehensive weather information for the specified location and timeframe. This data will be organized in the designated Google Spreadsheet.

Questions and Answers:

  1. Can I use this tool to obtain weather forecasts for various locations and timeframes at once?

    • This tool is designed for individual weather data extraction for a single location and timeframe. To obtain weather information for multiple locations or timeframes, you may need to run the automation separately for each case.
  2. Is it possible to use this tool to scrape historical weather data, or is it limited to current forecasts?

    • This specific tool is designed for retrieving current weather forecasts. To access historical weather data, you may require a different tool or source specifically tailored for historical weather information.



Last update

09 June 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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