Weather Scraper

Weather Scraper

Grab weather in a certain location

Using this tool you can scrape weather in a location you've specified before

First of all, download the workflow, open it and click the "run" button, once the button is clicked a window will appear with two inputs: the first is a timeframe and the second is a location

Let's elaborate on these two inputs

  • timeframe is a particular point in time at which you want to grab the weather
  • location is a something will placed in a search input on It may be a city or both country and city, notice that zip code is also available as location

Once you've filled all needed fields run the workflow. The workflow will open, type the location in the input, scrape all data about weather, after this you'll redirected to google spreadsheet with the results. Enjoy!



Last update

21 September 2023

Created by

Elliot Smith

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