Walmart goods scraper

Walmart goods scraper

Scrape goods on

This workflow can be helpful if you need to scrape goods on

It grabs the following parameters from each product page

  • name of the product
  • its price
  • rating
  • reviews count
  • description
  • specifications
  • return details (it's possible to return this product or not)

How to use

To start using this workflow you need to download it, once it will done click "run" on the right top corner, afterwards you need to click "create new spreadsheet", then go to the spreadsheet you've just created, you need to place either search query or a link to product or category on each line in your spreadsheet (i placed examples below if you have some misunderstanding about that)

Example of input data

  • link to the product
  • link to the category
  • search query apple watch

Thus, you need to place either search query or a link to the product or category in every line

Once you've filled the spreadsheet, run the workflow via "run" button in the parameters window.




Last update

17 September 2023

Created by

Elliot Smith

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