Twitter (X) Profile Likes Extractor

Twitter (X) Profile Likes Extractor

Scrape users's liked posts on Twitter

A useful automatic tool for quickly extracting tweets that a user has liked on Twitter is called Twitter Profile Likes Extractor. This application makes it easier to collect information about tweets that a particular user has favorited, and it lets you analyze and export that data.

Why Is This Automation Useful?

The useful tool Twitter Profile Likes Extractor is useful for gathering information about the tweets that a user has favorited. This information can be used for a number of things, including doing user-specific analysis, tracking engagement, and gaining insight into user preferences.

How to Utilize and Initiate:

  1. Install the GoLess Browser Extension: Begin by installing the GoLess browser extension. This extension is essential for seamless use of Twitter Profile Likes Extractor.

  2. Install the Twitter Profile Likes Extractor Automation from the Marketplace: Download the Twitter Profile Likes Extractor automation from the marketplace or your preferred platform to access this tool.

  3. Parameter Configuration: After installing the tool, click "run" to get started. A parameter window will appear, enabling you to configure the following settings:

    • Twitter Usernames: In the designated field, enter the usernames of the Twitter accounts for which you want to extract liked tweets. Each username should be on a separate line.
  4. Execution: Once you've configured the parameters by providing the necessary Twitter usernames, click the "run" button within the parameters window to initiate the data extraction process.

Data Extracted:

  1. Tweet URL
  2. Tweet Publication Date
  3. Author's Twitter User ID
  4. Profile Handle of the Tweet's Author
  5. Name of the Tweet's Author

Questions and Answers:

  1. Is there a limit to the number of liked tweets that can be extracted with this tool?

    • Twitter Profile Likes Extractor can collect all available liked tweets for the specified users, provided they are publicly accessible.
  2. How often can I use this automation to extract liked tweets from user profiles?

    • You can use this tool as frequently as needed to gather the latest data on liked tweets from selected user profiles.
  3. Are there any restrictions on using this tool for private or protected Twitter accounts?

    • This tool is designed to extract data from publicly accessible tweets and profiles. It may not work with private or protected accounts.



Last update

11 July 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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