Telegram story Viewer

Telegram story Viewer

Discover the world of convenient story viewing with our Telegram Story Viewer – your main means of accessing and enjoying stories from around the Telegram world. Designed specifically for users, this app enhances the Telegram experience by providing an intuitive and organized way to view stories from friends, relatives and public figures. Below you will find out why this app is necessary to have available and how it will change your experience of watching stories. Automation simplifies the process of viewing multiple stories in Telegram without much effort. This is a special tool for those who seek to increase their awareness and involvement in the work of the platform.

Why should you use this automation? This automation is ideal for those who want to increase their Telegram visibility by browsing multiple stories without using manual effort. By browsing your friends' stories, you increase the chances of drawing attention to your profile, potentially attracting more followers and interactions.

How to use and get started

  1. Registration and Installation: Register on our website, download and install the Telegram Story Viewer extension provided.

  2. Log in to your Telegram account: After installation, log in to your account in the web version of Telegram.

  3. Activate the workflow: start automation, enter the time of watching the video in milliseconds and it will automatically start viewing invisible stories without any additional actions on your part.

Results: This Telegram story browsing automation feature allows you to automatically scroll through unvisited stories in the web version of Telegram, increasing your awareness among your friends' subscribers.

questions and answers:

How does Telegram Story Views work with this tool?

This workflow allows you to quickly view the stories of your friends that you haven't viewed in the web version of Telegram, increasing the visibility of your profile.

How are Telegram story views organized?

Telegram organizes stories based on user behavior and preferences. Although new stories usually appear first, the algorithm adapts based on individual interactions.

Can you see who is viewing your Telegram history using this automation?

No, this automation is solely aimed at increasing your awareness by watching stories. It does not display a list of users viewing your own stories.



Last update

02 May 2024

Created by

Roman Robinson

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