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Collecting information about site objects

This is a specialized automated application designed to simplify the collection of a large amount of information about photos from a user's profile on the site . It simplifies the collection of information about photos, providing efficiency and simplicity for a variety of reasons.

Why should you use this automation?

This automated program is indispensable for those who need a large collection of profile information from the site .

How to use and get started

  1. Access and Installation: Download and run the workflow from the marketplace via the GoLess extension.

  2. Entering search queries: Enter the address or the list of addresses of the user's profile pages.

  3. Select the number of images: Determine the number of images that you want to collect information about.

  4. Check the box "all site page": If you want to get information about all profile photos, you need to use this.

  5. Launch the workflow: Perform automation by clicking the appropriate run button.



Last update

13 May 2024

Created by

Roman Robinson

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