Proxy checker

Proxy checker

Automate proxy checking from google tables

This workflow designed to test proxy servers for workability and record the result in Google Table. This tool makes it easier to work with proxy servers, helps to weed out non-working proxies and keep only working ones.

Data preparation: Before starting the workflow, provide the input Google Table ID with the proxies and the table ID to write the result.

Input data: In the input table, the proxies must be in ip:port format. The workflow will use this data to check the proxy for functionality.

Proxy validation: The "Proxy Scrapper" worker process will automatically check each proxy in the input table to see if it is working.

Recording results: After checking the proxies for availability, the workflow writes the results into the output Google Table. The results will be in the format ip:port, proxy type (HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS) and the country where the proxy server is operating from.

Proxy Scrapper greatly simplifies the work with proxy servers and allows you to quickly weed out non-working proxies, keeping only working and relevant data.


What does the "Proxy Scrapper" workflow do?
Proxy Scrapper checks proxies for workability and writes the results to Google Table, keeping only working proxies.

How do I prepare my data before running Proxy Scrapper?
Before launching, provide the ID of the input Google Table with proxies and the ID of the table to write the result.

What format should the proxies in the input table be in?
In the input table, proxies should be represented in ip:port format.

In which format will the results be presented in the output table?
The results will be in the format ip:port, the type of proxy (HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS) and the country from which the proxy is operating.

How does "Proxy Scrapper" check proxy servers for functionality?
The "Proxy Scrapper" worker process automatically checks each proxy server from the input table for its operability.

Why use the "Proxy Scrapper" workflow?
The "Proxy Scrapper" workflow greatly simplifies working with proxy servers, allows you to quickly filter out non-working proxies and save only working and relevant data.



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25 March 2024

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