Product Hunt Top Products Launching Scraper

Product Hunt Top Products Launching Scraper

Scrape top products on

A specific automation tool called the "Product Hunt Top Products Launching Scraper" makes it easy to harvest data about the top products that have been released on Product Hunt.

Why Is This Automation Useful?

This scraper makes it easier to get important information about products that are popular on Product Hunt. It effectively collects all the necessary information, including names, descriptions, product links, and the total number of upvotes. The time and effort required to manually acquire this information is reduced while using this application.

How to Use and Get Started

  1. Installing and Running Download the scraper tool from the marketplace trough GoLess Extension.

  2. View Extracted Information: Wait till the workflow end to scrape.

Data Scraped:

  • list of topic product launches over the past 24 hours.

Questions and Answers

  1. What can I do with the extracted data?

    • The extracted data allows users to analyze trending products, study their descriptions, and gauge their popularity based on upvotes, aiding in market research or competitive analysis.
  2. Can this scraper handle scraping a large number of products at once?

    • Yes, this scraper is optimized to handle scraping numerous top products concurrently, streamlining the process for users interested in gathering information on multiple items.
  3. Are there any legal considerations when using this tool?

    • Users must ensure compliance with Product Hunt's terms of service and guidelines regarding data extraction. It's advisable to use the tool responsibly and ethically, respecting the platform's policies and terms during data extraction processes.



Last update

09 June 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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