Pinterest Profile Scraper

Pinterest Profile Scraper

Pinterest Profile Scraper: Powerful tool for extracting user, board, & pin data. Ideal for trend analysis, competitor monitoring & market research.

Pinterest Profile Scraper is a powerful and flexible tool designed to extract information about profiles, boards, and pins on Pinterest. It allows you to obtain data about users, their posts, followers, and much more. It is suitable for trend analysis, competitor monitoring, and market research.

Key Features

  • Extract user profile data: username, number of followers, number of subscriptions, avatar, number of pins and boards.
  • Extract board information: title, description, number of pins, followers, etc.
  • Extract pin data: images, descriptions, links, number of comments, repins, and likes.
  • Customize limits for the number of extracted profiles, boards, and pins.


Input data

Example google sheet:

Export data


  • url
  • id account
  • username
  • fullName
  • quantity of subscriptions of account
  • quantity of subscribers of account
  • quantity of pins in the account
  • quantity of videos in the account
  • link to profile picture
  • name of pins
  • descrpitions of pins
  • URLs image of pins

Example google sheet:

How to use the Pinterest Profile Scraper:

  1. Install the GoLess browser extension.
  2. Select and open the Pinterest Profile Scraper in the marketplace.
  3. In the popup window, provide the IDs of the tables:
    1. The ID of the input table will contain the URLs of profiles (Each link should be listed in a separate row in column A).
    2. The ID of the output table where the results will be exported after parsing.
  4. Set the number of pins you need extract from profiles.
  5. Click "Run."

Frequently Asked Questions

How many URLs can the workflow scrape?

It's limited by the number of rows in a Google Spreadsheet. The maximum number of links that can be specified is 1000.

If I specify a lot of accounts URLs and do not indicate the count of pins I need, how many pins the scraper will collet?

If the row "count" empty, the scraper collect all pins from accounts which was indicated.



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25 September 2023

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