LinkedIn Job Search Results Scraper

LinkedIn Job Search Results Scraper

Scrape jobs on Linkedin

This Workflow is designed for the automatic collection of job search results on the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn Jobs Search Results Scraper was developed for those who want to automate the job search process on LinkedIn, save time on searching, and obtain more complete information about available positions.

Why is this automation being done?

This automation is designed to cater to job seekers and researchers who require an efficient means of gathering data on job openings on LinkedIn. By automating the process of scraping job listings, it saves time and effort, allowing users to make more informed career decisions.

How to utilize and initiate the LinkedIn Job Search Results Scraper:

  1. Begin by installing the "GoLess" browser extension, which will be instrumental for this automation.
  2. Open the extension and locate the "LinkedIn Job Search Results Scraper" in the marketplace.
  3. Once you have the scraper ready, you'll need to provide the following input parameters:
    • Specify the name of the country you want to search for job listings in. Follow the examples provided in the description for reference.
    • Adjust the "Per result" parameter to your preferred number. The default is set at 10.
    • Enter your search query into the "Search query" field. You can use examples such as "google" or "marketing manager."
  4. With all the parameters set, you can run the workflow to start scraping LinkedIn job search results.

Input Data and Results:

  1. Input:
  • Vacancy
  • Location
  • Quantity per result
  1. Output:
  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Publication date
  • Company name
  • Job location
  • Related job listings
  • Link to the job posting page

Questions and Answers:

  1. Can data be extracted from multiple result pages on LinkedIn?

    • The scraping script can be customized to extract data from multiple result pages on LinkedIn by implementing pagination logic within the automation.
  2. How often should the script be run to retrieve updated job listings on LinkedIn?

    • The frequency of running the script to fetch updated job postings can vary based on individual preferences and requirements, but a daily or weekly schedule is often considered suitable for staying up to date with job opportunities.



Last update

16 May 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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