Intercom Message Sender

Intercom Message Sender

Generate smart answers to incoming messages via chat gpt

With Intercom Message Sender, you can easily generate responses to incoming messages, which can streamline your communication process.

Why is this automation being done?

Inbox overload is common for users, who need a fast and effective manner to reply to messages. By streamlining the response-generating process, this automation improves communication and saves time.

How to utilize and initiate:

  1. Install the "GoLess" browser extension.
  2. Download the Intercom Message Sender workflow.
  3. Click "Run," and you will be redirected to the Intercom messenger. Don't worry; this is expected.
  4. Select the chat you need to respond to.
  5. Enter a message template into the reply form of the selected chat.
  6. Stop typing and wait for ChatGPT to suggest a message (typically 7 seconds on average).
  7. Review the suggested message and decide if it is suitable and correct.
  8. If the message is appropriate, send it, and proceed to the next chat, repeating these steps. If not, provide another message template and let ChatGPT suggest a different message.

Input data and result:

  1. Input:
  • Message template for response.
  1. Output:
  • Generated responses to incoming messages.

Questions and Answers:

  1. Is using an automation tool to respond to incoming messages on Intercom allowed by Intercom's policies?

    • It's essential to use this tool responsibly and ensure that your responses comply with Intercom's terms of service and guidelines.
  2. Can I customize the message templates for responses to make them more personalized?

    • Yes, you can create and use message templates that suit your specific needs, allowing for personalized and context-appropriate responses.



Last update

25 March 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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