Instagram profile URL finder

Instagram profile URL finder

Scrape instagram users by a search query

The Instagram Profile URL Finder is a valuable automation tool designed to streamline the process of gathering user profile URLs and descriptions from Instagram based on specific search queries. This tool simplifies data collection, making it an essential resource for researchers and users looking to access Instagram profiles efficiently.

Why is this automation being done?

The Instagram Profile URL Finder aims to simplify the process of scraping Instagram profiles based on specific search queries. This automation facilitates the collection of user profile URLs and descriptions, providing a time-saving solution for various applications.

How to use the Instagram Profile URL Finder:

  1. Start by downloading the Instagram Profile URL Finder workflow.
  2. Click "run" to initiate the automation.
  3. Utilize the "Google spreadsheet" field to either create a new Google spreadsheet or select an existing one.
  4. Within the selected spreadsheet, place your search queries on the first sheet, with each query on a separate line.
  5. After populating the spreadsheet with your search queries, click "run" to begin the workflow.

Input Data and Results:

  1. Input:
  • Search queries
  1. Output:
  • User profile URLs
  • User descriptions

Questions and Answers:

  1. Can data be extracted from multiple result pages on Instagram?

    • This specific automation focuses on extracting data from Instagram profiles based on search queries and may not have pagination features. Custom modifications would be needed to extract data from multiple result pages.
  2. How often should this automation be run to retrieve the latest Instagram profiles?

    • The frequency of running the automation to collect updated Instagram profiles depends on individual needs. It's recommended to run it as often as necessary to obtain the desired data.



Last update

01 April 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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