Instagram Post Comment Scraper

Instagram Post Comment Scraper

Save Instagram followers' data into Google Sheets.

This is a robust automation tool designed to extract comprehensive data from comments on Instagram posts swiftly and seamlessly. By leveraging this tool, users can effortlessly gather crucial insights and information from Instagram comments, aiding in various analytical and marketing endeavors.

Why Should You Use This Automation?

This automation simplifies the otherwise time-consuming process of collecting Instagram post comments. It enables users to obtain valuable data points such as comment timestamps, usernames, comment text, user IDs, verification status, post IDs, and post links efficiently. This information is pivotal for analyzing user engagement, understanding sentiment towards brands or products, identifying potential influencers, and tracking social media behavior trends.

How to Use and Get Started

  1. Install GoLess Extension: Begin by installing the GoLess extension, an essential component required for accessing the automation tool.
  2. Find the Workflow in the Marketplace: Navigate to the designated marketplace and search for the Instagram Post Comment Scraper workflow.
  3. Access and Open the Tool: Once located, open the workflow within the GoLess extension platform.
  4. Input Instagram Post URLs: Within the tool's interface, enter the URLs of the Instagram posts from which you aim to extract comments.
  5. Execute the Scraper: Initiate the scraping process by activating the tool after inputting the desired post URLs.

Input Data:

  • URLs of post

Data Scraped:

  • Comment Time
  • User Name
  • Comment Text
  • User ID
  • Comment ID
  • Verification Status (Yes/No)
  • Post ID
  • Post Link

Questions and answers

  1. What is the primary purpose of this automation?

    • The primary goal is to collect data about comments on specific Instagram posts and generate a detailed report summarizing the extracted information.
  2. What can I do with the data collected from this workflow?

    • The collected data enables diverse uses such as analyzing user engagement, understanding sentiment towards brands or products, identifying potential influencers, and observing trends in social media behavior.
  3. Does the tool support multiple Instagram post URLs simultaneously?

    • Yes, this automation efficiently processes multiple Instagram post URLs, streamlining the extraction of data from various posts.
  4. Are there any ethical considerations to keep in mind when using this tool?

    • It's crucial to use this tool responsibly, adhering to Instagram's terms of service and data usage policies. Respecting user privacy and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations is essential throughout the process.



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12 June 2024

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