Instagram Following Collector

Instagram Following Collector

Scrape following users in quantity

A handy application called Instagram Following Collector makes it easy to compile a list of persons that someone is following on the social media platform. This tool streamlines the process of gathering data while offering insightful information about the network of your target user.

Why Should I Use This Tool?

Gathering data on Instagram individuals one follows can be useful for a number of reasons, including competitive analysis, finding possible connections, and conducting market research. The data collection process is streamlined by this automation, saving time and effort.

How to Utilize and Get Started:

  1. Install the "GoLess" browser extension.
  2. Download the Instagram Following Collector tool.
  3. Click "Run" to initiate the automation.
  4. Create a new Google Spreadsheet or select an existing one (if you already have one) via the "Google Spreadsheet" field.
  5. Access the chosen spreadsheet.
  6. On the first sheet, input the usernames you want to analyze, placing one on each line.
  7. Return to the Instagram Following Collector tool.
  8. Click "Run" to start the data collection process.

Data Fields Collected:

The workflow gathers the following information for each user in the target's following list:

  • Username
  • Profile picture
  • User's name
  • User ID
  • Account privacy status (public or private)
  • Account verification status (verified or not)

Questions and Answers:

  1. Can the data fields collected by Instagram Following Collector be customized?

    • The default settings of the program collect specified data fields. You may need to alter the tool or investigate other data collection methods to adapt the information collected.
  2. Can I automate further actions based on the data collected?

    • Instagram Following Collector primarily collects data. You may need to combine this data with other tools or scripts tailored to your specific needs in order to automate extra activities.



Last update

11 July 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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