Instagram follower scraper

Instagram follower scraper

Scrape all the followers of any instagram account in one click!

This is a seamless automation designed to effortlessly collect and organize data regarding an Instagram user's followers. By leveraging this tool, users can efficiently compile valuable follower information directly into a designated Google Sheets document.

Why Should You Use This Automation?

This automation simplifies the process of gathering crucial insights into an Instagram user's followers. It streamlines data collection, providing a structured format within Google Sheets for easy analysis and reference. This tool eliminates the need for manual extraction and enhances workflow efficiency.

How to Use and Get Started

  1. Access and Setup: Install the GoLess extension, find and open the workflow in the marketplace.
  2. Input Required Parameters: Define the 'account_url' parameter, which represents the link to the targeted Instagram user's account. Additionally, input the 'spreadsheet_id' parameter, which signifies the Google Sheets document where the data will be stored.
  3. Initiate the Workflow: Begin the workflow, enabling the system to automatically commence data collection from the specified Instagram user's followers.


  • Gathers data about the followers of the specified Instagram account, including profile links and user nicknames.

Data Scraped:

  • Link
  • Nickname
  • Avatar URL (if available)

Questions and Answers:

  1. What data does this workflow collect?

    • This workflow accumulates information about the followers of the designated Instagram user, encompassing profile links and user nicknames.
  2. How do I specify the Instagram user's account for data collection?

    • Before initiating the workflow, input the 'account_url' parameter, representing the link to the desired Instagram user's account.
  3. How do I specify Google Sheets to save data?

    • Prior to launching the workflow, define the 'spreadsheet_id' parameter, denoting the Google Sheets document where the collected data will be stored.
  4. What data is saved in Google Sheets?

    • The Google Sheets document retains the link to each subscriber's profile and their corresponding nickname.
  5. How do I start the Instagram Followers Collector workflow?

    • Ensure the 'account_url' and 'spreadsheet_id' parameters are set, then commence the workflow. The system will automatically compile data from the specified Instagram user's followers into the designated Google Sheets document.
  6. What results will I get after the workflow completes?

    • Once finalized, the output will be a structured Google Sheets document containing comprehensive information about the followers of the specified Instagram user, including profile links and nicknames.



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14 June 2024

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