Instagram Follower Analytics Counter

Instagram Follower Analytics Counter

Automatic collection and analysis of Instagram subscriber data

As a platform, Instagram has become an essential tool for marketers, influencers, and businesses, and a significant part of leveraging its potential lies in understanding and analyzing follower metrics.

The Instagram Follower Analytics Counter workflow is a game-changer.

This tool enables you to count in real-time and extract and analyze accurate numbers concerning your followers.

In this article, you will learn how to set it up and integrate it with Google Sheets. With the workflow, you will automatically track the number of followers and the status of Instagram users' profiles.

Understanding the Goless Instagram Follower Analytics Counter

The Instagram Follower Analytics Counter is more than just a typical follower counter for Instagram.

It’s a comprehensive workflow that automatically tracks the number of followers and discerns the status (open or closed) of Instagram profiles. Designed with marketers, analysts, and data enthusiasts in mind, it offers a real-time Instagram follower count that's accurate and reliable.

The workflow links to your Google Sheets table containing the list of Instagram usernames and fetches this data. This method ensures that you can update, add, or remove usernames from the list without adjusting settings within the workflow continually.

Instead of going one by one, the workflow can process multiple usernames in batches. This efficiency ensures that the app will continue even if you have a long list of profiles to analyze.

The scrapped data is organized and saved as a CSV file named "Followers count." This format is universally accepted, meaning you can import it into various data analysis tools or software.

Set Up the Goless Instagram Follower Analytics Counter Workflow

Before commencing the workflow, it is essential to ensure that all necessary prerequisites have been met. These prerequisites include installing the workflow, creating a spreadsheet table, and granting Goless service access.

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  • Grant read/write access to Goless service.

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Use the following steps to step up and use the profile scraper workflow:

  1. Integrate the workflow with Google Sheets: The app extracts Instagram profile data from your specified Google table, making organizing and updating user information easy.

From your goless dashboard, edit the workflow to include the spreadsheet id of the sheet containing the profile(s) link.

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  1. Execute the workflow: The app automatically opens Instagram user profile pages and extracts information about the number of subscribers and profile status (open or closed).

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  1. Download exported data: After a successful run, collected information is saved to a downloadable CSV file named "Followers count," simplifying further data processing and analysis.

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  1. Error handling: If errors occur during the workflow, the application displays error messages in the browser console, allowing you to quickly identify the problem and make adjustments.


Tools like the Instagram Follower Analytics Counter are indispensable in the dynamic world of Instagram, where follower counts can be a testament to an account's reach and influence.

Providing live Instagram follower counts and profile statuses arms you, creators, marketers, and analysts with the data you need to make informed decisions. Keep in mind that on social media, knowledge doesn't only bring power but also



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25 September 2023

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