Indeed Job Scraper

Indeed Job Scraper

Scrape jobs on easily

Indeed Job Scraper is a useful tool for scraping job information from the Indeed job search platform, making job hunting and data collection more efficient.

The reason for this automation is as follows:

Indeed data on job opportunities is frequently used by job seekers and researchers to make educated career decisions. This mechanism makes pulling job listings from Indeed easier, saving time and effort.

How to utilize and initiate:

  1. Install the browser extension "GoLess."
  2. Open the extension and install "Indeed Job Scraper" in the marketplace.
  3. Provide name of vacansy, location, and per results.
  4. Click "Start," and the automation will initiate to collect results.

Input data and result:

  1. Input:
  • Vacansy
  • Location
  • Quantity of per result
  1. Output:
  • Title of a job
  • Job description
  • Job's publication date
  • Company name
  • Location
  • Rating
  • Salary
  • Job type (remote/full-time etc)
  • Link to a page with that job on

Questions and Answers:

  1. Is web scraping from Indeed's website legal?

    • Indeed offers an API for accessing job posting data. Scraping from this platform fully complies with applicable laws when working with the site.
  2. Can data be extracted from multiple result pages?

    • The script can be modified to extract data from multiple results pages by implementing pagination logic.
  3. How often should the script be run to retrieve updated job postings?

    • The ideal interval between runs can be considered every 24 hours.



Last update

04 May 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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