Google Translate Scraper

Google Translate Scraper

Translate from one language to another using Google Translator

This workflow is tailored to retrieve and compile valuable data from Google Translate, the renowned machine language translation service. Users can effortlessly translate phrases from one language to another, obtaining accurate and reliable translations.

How to Use the Google Translate Scraper

  1. Download the workflow from the marketplace trough GoLess Extension.
  2. Input phrases into the "Phrases" field within the settings window.
  3. Specify the desired language using its corresponding country code (e.g., "En" for English or "nl" for Dutch) in the "Language" field.
  4. Run the Workflow to initiate the translation process.

Input Data:

  • List of Phrases for Translation

Export Data:

  • Translated Phrases in the Specified Language

Questions and Answers:

  1. How many phrases can the workflow translate at once?

    • The workflow can efficiently handle a significant number of phrases, though network speed and the translation service's load might impact performance. Typically, it can process a substantial volume of phrases without issues.
  2. Is the usage of the Google Translate Scraper compliant with Google's terms of service?

    • Adherence to Google's terms of service and usage policies is essential when utilizing the scraper. It's crucial to respect Google's guidelines for ethical usage and ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards while accessing or extracting data from the Google Translate service.



Last update

12 June 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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