Google play scraper

Google play scraper

Get full Google Play data - names, prices, ratings, developer info across all regions & languages.

This is simplifies the extraction of vital app data from Google Play, including names, prices, ratings, and developer information across diverse languages and regions. Its functionality bridges the gap left by the absence of a robust and free Google Play API.

Why Should You Use This Automation?

Google Play Scraper is your go-to tool for effortlessly extracting vital app data like names, prices, ratings, and developer information across various languages and regions. Due to the lack of a robust and free API from Google Play, this scraper becomes invaluable in retrieving desired data swiftly.

How to Use and Get Started

  1. Install Extension and Initiate Scraper: Begin by installing the GoLess browser extension and accessing the Google Play Scraper from the marketplace.

  2. Input and Output Setup: Define the input table's IDs containing app URLs or developer page links (each on a separate row in column A). Also, specify the output table where parsing results will export.

  3. Scraping Process: You can extract data for up to 100 apps in a single run. Click 'Run' to initiate the scraping process.

Input Data:

  • URLs of developer or App

Data Scraped:

  • App Name
  • Developer
  • App Rating

Questions and answers:

  1. How many apps and developers' pages can the workflow scrape?

    • The scraping limit per run is set to 100 apps.
  2. Can I specify multiple developers' page links?

    • Absolutely, the scraper accommodates scraping multiple developers' pages as needed.
  3. Can I combine and specify app links and developers' page links before scraping?

    • Yes, the parser enables simultaneous parsing for both developers' pages and specific apps, allowing for comprehensive data retrieval.



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13 July 2024

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