Gab Top Posts Scraper

Gab Top Posts Scraper

Scrape top posts

An automated application called the Gab Top Posts Scraper was created to make it easier to harvest data from, with a particular emphasis on today's top posts. It offers useful insights about the most popular posts on Gab and the users who published them by automating the filtering and scraping process.

What Makes This Automation Useful?

When done by hand, trend analysis and activity monitoring on can be laborious tasks. The procedure is streamlined by this automation, making it simple and quick to learn about the most popular posts on the network.

How to Utilize and Initiate:

  1. Download the Workflow: Begin by downloading the Gab Top Posts Scraper workflow.

  2. Initiate the Automation: Click the "Run" button located in the top right corner of the workflow interface.

  3. Specify Post Quantity: In the following window, you can specify the number of top posts you want to scrape. If you enter "0," the automation will scrape the last 100 top posts.

  4. Select the Spreadsheet: Choose or create a Google Spreadsheet where the scraped data will be stored.

  5. Execute the Scraper: After specifying the required fields, click the "Run" button again in the current active window to start the scraping process.

Input Data and Result:

  1. Input:

    • Quantity of top posts to scrape (or 0 for the last 100 posts).
    • Selection of a Google Spreadsheet for data storage.
  2. Output:

    • The automation will scrape information about today's top posts on, including post content and user details. The collected data will be organized in the specified Google Spreadsheet.

Questions and Answers:

  1. Can I use this tool to scrape top posts in large quantities at once?

    • Yes, this tool allows you to specify the quantity of top posts you want to scrape, making it flexible for different analysis needs.
  2. Is it possible to use this tool for scraping posts from other time periods, not just today's top posts?

    • This specific tool is designed for scraping today's top posts on For other time periods or specific data collection requirements, you may need a different automation or approach tailored to your needs.



Last update

09 June 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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