Facebook Hashtag Scraper

Facebook Hashtag Scraper

Extract valuable insights from Facebook data using advanced algorithms. Gather information on specific hashtags used on the platform with this powerful tool.

This workflow designed to extract valuable insights from the vast amount of data available on Facebook. By utilizing advanced algorithms and techniques, this tool allows users to gather information related to specific hashtags used on the platform.

With the Facebook Hashtag Scraper, users can effortlessly track and analyze the conversations, trends, and engagement surrounding any given hashtag. By inputting a hashtag of interest, this tool scours the Facebook platform to fetch posts, comments, likes, and shares associated with that hashtag.

The Facebook Hashtag Scraper can be useful for various individuals and groups:

  • Social media marketers: Marketers can use the Facebook Hashtag scraper to analyze the performance of hashtags related to their campaigns. It enables them to gather insights, such as engagement levels, reach, and popular content associated with specific hashtags.

  • Content creators: By using the scraper, content creators can identify trending hashtags and popular topics on Facebook. This information can help them tailor their content strategies to align with current trends and increase their visibility.

  • Researchers: Researchers may find the Facebook Hashtag scraper valuable for analyzing public opinion, sentiment, and topics of interest. They can collect data related to specific hashtags and study trends in social conversations.

  • Journalists: Journalists can utilize the scraper to monitor discussions and gather real-time data on hashtags related to breaking news or ongoing events. It can aid in identifying emerging stories and understanding public sentiment.

  • Event organizers: The scraper can benefit event organizers by tracking hashtags relevant to their event. They can collect user-generated content, measure engagement, and gain insights to improve future events.

  • Social media enthusiasts: Individuals passionate about social media and trending topics can leverage the scraper to explore popular hashtags, engage in discussions, and discover new content within their areas of interest.


Input data

  • Keyword (Hashtag)

Export data


  • Hashtag
  • Title
  • Description
  • Quantity of likes
  • Quantity of comments
  • Quantity of shares
  • URL of page
  • Date

Example google sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QEff8wbsz1rZ_chqNQzL90JjOkiFrO50o3Q1POl1NVQ/edit#gid=0

How to use the Facebook Hashtag Scraper:

  1. Install the GoLess browser extension.
  2. Select and open the Facebook Hashtag Scraper at the marketplace.
  3. In the pop up window, provide the ID of the Google table. Specify the quantity the results you want and hashtags at the table
  4. Click "Run."

Frequently Asked Questions

How many results can the workflow give?

On one page, it can produce 1000 default results. If you change the number of rows in the Google table to the maximum. Workflow can produce up to 55,000 results.



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25 September 2023

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