Cookie bot from URLs

Cookie bot from URLs

Сollect cookies on different sites automatically by taking links from google sheet

This is an advanced automation tool designed to expedite the process of collecting cookies from various websites, offering a seamless and efficient means of accumulating valuable browser data.

Why Should You Use This Automation?

This automation simplifies the cookie accumulation process across multiple sites by utilizing a list of addresses from a Google Table. It navigates through these sites, collecting cookies by clicking internal links according to specified parameters. The tool enhances efficiency by automating this otherwise time-consuming task.

How to Use and Get Started:

  1. Initiating the Workflow: Access the GoLess extension and locate the "Cookie Bot from URLs" workflow within the marketplace.

  2. Input Data: Provide the necessary information to start the workflow:

    • Link to the Google Table containing site addresses.
    • Specify the number of links to extract from the Google Table.
    • Decide whether to delete links from the table after processing (yes/no).
  3. Launch the Workflow: Activate the workflow to commence the cookie accumulation process.

Input Data and Results:

Upon initiation, the tool performs the following actions:

  • Visits specified sites individually.
  • Searches for internal links within each site to gather cookies based on the set parameters.
  • Removes processed links from the Google Sheet if the option is selected.

The output delivers an accumulation of cookies from various sites, enhancing browser data collection for specified purposes.

Questions and Answers:

  1. How do I start a cookie collection workflow on sites?

    • To initiate the workflow, furnish:
    • Link to Google Table with site addresses.
    • Number of links to extract from the table.
    • Option to delete links after processing.
  2. How does the workflow collect cookies on websites?

    • It navigates through specified sites, exploring internal links to amass cookies based on predefined parameters.
  3. What happens to the links in the Google Table after they are processed?

    • If "remove links after processing" is chosen, the workflow deletes links from the table once processed; otherwise, links persist.
  4. How long will the workflow run?

    • The workflow operates until the specified number of links from the Google sheet is processed.
  5. Can I change the number of links to process after the workflow runs?

    • The number of links must be set before starting. Adjustments require stopping the current workflow and restarting with new parameters.



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16 June 2024

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