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This automation tool streamlines the process of extracting essential company details from, facilitating the retrieval of comprehensive information about various businesses.

Why Choose the Scraper?

This scraper swiftly captures critical company details from, providing a comprehensive snapshot of various businesses. Ideal for professionals seeking organized and in-depth company data without manual effort, it gathers essential information such as company names, ratings, reviews, and more.

How to Utilize and Begin Extraction

  1. Download and Activation: Find and install the Scraper from the marketplace trough GoLess Extension.

  2. Enter Search Parameters: Input specific search queries or keywords in the "Keyword" field within the scraper interface.

  3. Define Extraction Quantity: Specify the number of companies to extract per search query using the "Per result" field.

  4. Initiate Scraping: Execute the workflow to commence the extraction process.

Input Data:

  • Keyword
  • Per Result row

Extracted Data:

  • Company Name
  • Company Slogan
  • Rating
  • Number of Reviews
  • Verification Status
  • Minimum Project Size
  • Average Hourly Rate
  • Number of Employees
  • Company Location
  • Service Focus Details
  • Description
  • Company Website
  • Contact Phone Number

Questions and Answers:

  1. Can this tool be used for commercial purposes?

    • Yes, the Scraper is suitable for professional usage, aiding in efficient extraction of company data for business-related endeavors.
  2. Does this scraper collect any private or personal user information?

    • No, this scraper focuses solely on gathering publicly available data from and does not retrieve any personal information.
  3. Is there a limit to the number of companies I can scrape in one execution?

    • While excessive requests might impact performance, the tool allows for a reasonable quantity of companies to be extracted in a single run.



Last update

09 June 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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