Amazon Seller Scraper

Amazon Seller Scraper

Scrape Amazon Seller Pages

This specialized scraper automates the extraction of Amazon seller information, streamlining the process of obtaining crucial details about various sellers on the platform.

Why Should You Leverage This Automation?

For those engaging in e-commerce or market research on Amazon, the Amazon Seller Scraper proves invaluable. It expedites the retrieval of pertinent seller details such as seller links, names, about information, ratings in stars, recent reviews, and comprehensive seller information. It is particularly beneficial for individuals or businesses seeking to analyze seller data efficiently without manual effort.

How to Utilize and Begin

  1. Access: Download the Amazon Seller Scraper from the marketplace trough GoLess Extension.

  2. Input Seller URLs: Paste the links of the Amazon sellers into the designated "URLs of Amazon Sellers" field within the scraper's interface.

  3. Execute Scraper: Run the workflow to commence the extraction process.

Input Data:

  • URLs of Amazon Sellers

Extracted Data:

  • Seller Link
  • Seller Name
  • About Information
  • Rating (in stars)
  • Last 5 Reviews
  • Detailed Seller Information

Questions and Clarifications:

  1. Can I use the extracted data for commercial purposes?

    • Yes, the Amazon Seller Scraper allows for the extraction of public data from Amazon seller pages, aiding in commercial analysis and research.
  2. Does the scraper collect any private seller information?

    • No, this scraper concentrates solely on retrieving publicly available data from Amazon seller pages and does not collect any personal or sensitive information.
  3. Is there a limit to the number of seller pages I can scrape at once?

    • While the tool can handle a reasonable quantity of seller pages, excessive scraping may affect performance. Users should be mindful of their scraping volume.



Last update

09 June 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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