Amazon search scraper

Amazon search scraper

Scrape goods on

Using this workflow you can easily scrape goods on in quantity

The scraper grabs the following things:

  1. title of a product
  2. brand
  3. about Item
  4. product description
  5. product details
  6. image URLs
  7. important information

How to use

  1. download the workflow and click "run"
  2. fill the keyword field with a search query
  3. change per result to any value you want or left it unchanged (by default it's 5)
  4. fill the deliver to input with a name of a country (for example spain)
  5. fill the max price field to search for products only bellow a certain price or left it empty
  6. run the workflow



Last update

16 May 2024

Created by

Elliot Smith

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