No coding required

Browser Automation

Only available in the desktop version of chrome.
  • Web Scraping Task Automation in Your Browser
  • Use СhatGPT in your automations
  • Spreadsheet Automation
  • Build custom workflows, with no-code

Scrape Data

You can scrape data from a website and export it as JSON or CSV, or insert it into Google Sheets.

Automatically fill out forms on websites through the GoLess extension.
The extension runs locally in your browser, keeping your data secure.


Automatically recognise and resolve CAPTCHAs on websites for seamless automation.


Generating automatic responses using artificial intelligence for integration into automated tasks.


Set a trigger for automation so that the workflow starts at the right time, date, or other conditions.

Automate tasks in spreadsheets without the need for coding.
Share automation with team members for collaborative use.

Automate any website

Visually extract data from websites without the need for coding in a handy editor right in the extension.

Use GoLess every day

You won't believe how much easier your life will be.
  • Accelerate Data Collection

    Optimize data collection with automation. Save time and effort by automating repetitive clicks and data extraction.

  • Optimize data entry

    Automate repetitive data entry tasks such as filling out forms, entering information into databases, and updating spreadsheets.

  • Automate website testing

    Use automated clicks to test website functionality, such as button clicks, links, and other interactive elements.

  • Save time on social media

    Automate clicks to perform actions such as likes, comments, and messaging on social media platforms.

Workflow Marketplace

Explore the popular workflows shared by our users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to automate browser actions with Goless?

It is very easy: to automate browser actions with Goless, you first need to create a workflow using our Chrome extension. Then, you can use our drag-and-drop interface to create a block diagram of your workflow. You can also use a built-in marketplace of ready workflows as a starting point and then customize them to meet your specific needs.